Professional Background

Specific knowledge regarding my profession during my 2 year translator vocational training:

  • Translation (techniqual & general)
  • Grammar
  • Oral Communication/ Phoning in English
  • Regional and Cultural Studies
  • Business Correspondence (German/English)
  • Office Communication
  • Commercial Basics in English
  • Industry and Commerce (Economics/Administration (german/english))
  • Office Organization
  • German
  • Politics
  • Mathematics
  • Typing
  • Word Processing, Letterwriting, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Second Language
  • Essaywriting/Memo
  • Study of Speech (English)
  • Quotation Studies

Professional experiences

I already gathered almost 3 years of professional experience. On one hand prior my translator vocational training, approx. in 2010, where I did translations for various private individuals free of charge and irregularly. And on the other hand during my vocational training, where I worked on various texts together with qualified and state-certified translators from Germany, England and America.

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