Which types of translations I offer:
  • Techniqual texts
  • General texts
  • Texts of religious content (except from terrorist contents or else like that)
  • Literary texts respectively full books or handbooks
  • Film & TV (scripts, etc)
  • Music (songs)
Which types of translations I do NOT offer:
  • Credentials
  • Certificate
  • generally no official documents
  • Presentations (if, then merely the text without the layout)

With Literature please note,
that I cannot translate books which I didn´t bought the rights, for instance with private individuals who requires a translation of a book for exams or for their own private usage.
If the writer of that book is dead for 70 or 80 years the rights lapse and then I can translate that book straightaway, otherwise  I cannot (or more I must not!) do this, because one cannot rule out that this individual will use this translated book in a different way or even for an (online) release. Here it will fall back to the translator, in this case me, that will cost me dear due to this is an illegal act.

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