The Translation Smithy

Why Translation Smithy? Where does this name come from?

Since Schmidt is my surname and this comes from "Blacksmith" I adopted this term to create something entirely new and to arise a so-called Smithy for Translations.
Initially I got the idea to call it "The Translation Corner" or "The Translation Stand" or even "The Translation Mill", etc, until I thought it would be original to call it derivingly from my own name.

That´s how the Translation Smithy arose in Summer/Autumn 2013.
Likewise I set great value upon to come across as a real "Smithy" to be perceived as such.
I do not only want to call myself Smithy, but also due to my website etc to look like a Smithy seperately for translations I do smithy.

Translationblacksmith  smithies your text into shape

Here Art Gets Smithied