Your Inquiry To Me

If you intend to approach me with an order (translation/proofreading/editing/writing) I ask you to give me the following information:
  • name, address, e-mail address
  • sort of order, e.g.: translation
  • details to the order: attached folder via mail (if possible; except from books), topic, pages, number of words
  • date of which you wish to have this order done
  • extra: if you consider to become a regular customer or to profit from my work otherwise you also can tell me your date of birth to receive discounts, presents or other things as a surprise to your birthday, etc.
So when you send me all necessary information afterwards I will send you (at order confirmation) the service contract (via post or mail) that you please sign and send back via post or mail, as well as the order confirmation.
After finishing the order you receive an invoice as well as after received sum a confirmation about this receipt, except from large orders where a down payment and a rest payment has to come to being.

Your datas will be treated of course confidentally and will be NOT given to a third person and will be used for the period of the order and its fullfillment and, if need be, saved in my database for customers (file, computer file), if you wish it.

A great co-operation!

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