Service for New Customers

My extra service for New Customers:

When placing an initial order, i.e. by a New Customer no costs for this service arise until 500 words.
So the customer is able to get an idea first of my work and can test it. If he/she considers to have further texts translated by me costs only incurred by placing a second order without charging the first one.
A so-called "take 2 - pay 1"- principle.

If the customer requires to have several texts translated by me in one order and is this customer a new customer no costs arise for one of these texts, provided this one does not contain more than 500 words, respectively the first 500 words will not be charged if no text of these are containing more than 500 words.

If a New Customer requires to have a text translated that consists of 600 words there only arise costs for the 100 words left.

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