Method of Payment
Delivery Period

Your text:
After receipt of your order regarding a text you wish to have translated I will promptly send you an order confirmation via E-Mail or via Post (depending on which information you gave me) in which any further steps and information concerning your text are containing as well as the delivery period.
Depending the text type and length and also the degree of difficulty it takes up to 1-3 workdays, but also in difficult cases up to 7-14 workdays. At a high degree of difficulty and a high amount of words (for instance literature) it takes several weeks/ months.

Invoice and Delivery: The invoice will be send together with the delivery, i.e. your finished translated text. At smaller sums below one hundred euros this will be transferred by you please within 14 days onto the account (that is shown at the end of the invoice) as a sum total. At higher sums a delivery period of 30 days are granted respectively at very high sums I demand a down payment as well as a payment after delivery, so that a part is to be paid right away and the other part afterwards.

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